Why Learn Auto

Learning to drive with an automatic car is fun and the process is easier than the manual option. Automatic only have an accelerator and footbrake for the foot controls. As a result you can enjoy motoring along without the need of clutch control or knowing how and when to change the gear.

Because automatic cars will change the gears for you, learners can enjoy driving with less to worry about whilst making good enjoyable progress throughout lessons.

If you are finding coping with the gears, clutch control or stalling the car a real struggle, then let or Leeds female automatic instructor team help you on your way.

Below you can find some key advantages of learning the automatic way.

  • Less learning costs with fewer lessons required.
  • Quicker and easier to learn.
  • Fun to drive.
  • Focus better on the traffic and road.
  • Moving off made easy.
  • Fit in with the flow of traffic better.

Tasks such as dealing with junction, roundabout and starting off uphill become simple. My people are very surprise how quickly they can develop good road skills with automatic driving tuition.

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